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Partan Communications LLC specializes in coaching senior executives to articulate their thoughts clearly to the business world with confidence and a commanding presence.

After working with Partan Communications, you will feel more confident in all public speaking arenas. You will connect with your audience, whether large or small, and engage with them in deeper, more meaningful ways. We will work together to ensure that all your communication skills are helping you to get your message across.

Whether you speak to internal or external clients, peers or the media, in large settings or simply within the confines of conference rooms, you will understand how to control your nervousness and engage an audience. You will enhance your skills and increase your credibility, clarity and confidence. You will also start to understand your audience’s needs and target them more effectively.

1024 Willow Avenue - Suite 5 - Hoboken, NJ 07030 — 917-589-3167 — Kathryn@PartanCommunications.com