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Sample Courses

Present with Power
Learn to present your ideas with clarity, credibility and confidence, whether your audience is large or small. You will practice both formal and informal presentations and learn to field questions from your audience with ease.

Write for Results
Learn to put your message upfront and gain response to your proposals, letters, reports and e-mails. You will use your own documents during this session as you hone your writing skills. Emphasis is placed on learning to be clear and concise.

Communicate in a Crisis
Learn to brief the press when a crisis arises. You will learn to craft strong messages and practice delivering them during interviews and a simulated press conference. You will practice answering questions from the press, and delivering your message.

Communicate with the Public
Learn to talk to community members about your operations, including risk factors. You will practice active listening skills, messaging and handling difficult questions. You will learn to develop rapport with the members of your community.

Connect with your Client
Learn to listen to your clients and engage them in dialogue that will enrich your relationship. Understand client needs more quickly and comprehensively and then pitch your ideas in an engaging way with confidence and credibility. You will learn to develop rapport and build sustainable relationships, while building your business.

We design all of our sessions to meet specific client needs. We will be happy to speak with you regarding your particular developmental needs, and design a program that will help you and your team to achieve your developmental goals.

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